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Studio Orazi and Cicerchia

Genzano di Roma

Internationalization - Branch opening in Albania

Support to the italian business owner in the planting of new financial and productive realities in Albania with legal, managerial and logistic assistance.

Corporate crisis management

Defense of financial assets from direct recovery actions of the Collection Agency and out-of-court management of debit and bank positions.

Contractualistic related to the retail

Our Firm has extensive experience in the field of contracts used in the retail expansion of large retail chains, customer orientation towards the best solution between leasing, business branch rental, franchising and warding.

Family law

Separations and divorces, custody of minors. Our Firm has always been attentive to the family and especially to the protection of minors.

Labor law

Advice to companies for the management of disputes with workers and procedural assistance. Support for the identification of legal solutions for personnel management.

Civil law

From contracts to succession, from real rights to civil liability and every aspect of compensation for damages.

Recovery and real estate and mobiler executions

Assistance in extrajudicial and judicial matters. Predisposition of districts, injunctions and precepts. Property, securities and opposition foreclosures.

Administrative law

Management of relations with the Public Administration and legal aid in the litigation phase in case of injury of legitimate interests.

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