Internationalization branch opening In Albania

Internationalization branch opening in Albania

Support to the italian business owner in the planting of new financial and productive realities in Albania with legal, managerial and logistic assistance. The vision of Orazi & Cicerchia Law Firm is increasingly international, because today’s business knows no boundaries, since global products and services travel on global markets.

The lawyers of our Firm are at the side of important multinationals and of the most prestigious international brands who want to invest in Italy or abroad, who want to be followed in their arbitration, who want to invest in effective and modern compliance and anti-corruption programs, who want to structure fiscally their business and make it work in a correct and profitable way. Orazi & Cicerchia Law Firm is made up of lawyers at the service of entrepreneurs and they too, as well as companies that decide to use their skills, are working to develop beyond the borders, always alongside the most enterprising and innovative companies, especially in the rapidly growing markets like the Albania one.

Wherever the business calls them, the lawyers of Orazi & Cicerchia Law Firm answer, always doing it with the same dedication, giving deputy to the best technical skills, those that best fit the social and institutional interrelation systems of the different countries.
With their experience in significant cases, our lawyers have developed through the years international competences, strenghtened also thanks to their collaboration with foreign multinationals.
Our Law Firm has thus acquired a significant commercial and fiscal practice and an in-depth knowledge of the main economic sectors in the Albanian legislation.

Specializing in Albanian economic and fiscal matters was a conscious and well-motivated choice, given the favorable period in terms of the economic and social development the Country is going through.

Investing in Albania allows:
  • To have advantages in logistic and operative terms
  • Convenience in tax terms
  • Capitals to be protected from assaults
  • Access to ease of transfers

    Albania has been showing a growing interest in foreign investments. For this reason the Albanian government, through increasingly favorable policies, is trying to attract foreign capital. With its constantly growing economy and its strategic postition in the west of the Balkans, Albania offers many opportunities to foreign investors in various sectors such as banking, energy, tourism, agri-food, telecomunnications, clothing, footwear, call centers and other services.
    All sectors are open to foreign investors, with equal treatment between citizens and non-citizens. In Albania the work force is very young and well-educated, company registration is guaranteed in one day, the tax system is very favorable (tax collection from 7.5% to a maximum of 15%), the legal framework is substantially in line with EU legislation and the communication routes are of a good standard.

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