Legal Notices


Declaration of consent

By accessing the Website of Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia hereinafter referred to as the “Website”, you declare that youunderstand and accept the following terms and conditions of use(“Terms”) and legal information relating to the Website (and to theelements in it contains). If you do not agree with the following conditions,you will have to give up access to the Website and its pages. If there are nodifferent provisions for the individual pages, these legal notes apply to allpages of the Website.

The Website

The Website belongs toand is operated by Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia. The term Web Site alsorefers to logos, illustrations, text, graphics, software, other content andmaterials available through the Website as well as the choice and arrangementof the same. Except if explicitly stated otherwise, any new function, featureor service, likely to extend or improve the Website in the future, will beconsidered as part of the Website and will be subject to these Terms.

Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia does not guarantee the continuity of the Website, which may be modified,interrupted or suspended, temporarily or permanently, without prior notice. Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia is also not responsible for the non-use of theWebsite, the delay in updating information or for damages or losses arisingfrom any delays or anomalies in the connection to the Website, whatever thedetermining causes of the disruption.

.  Change of Terms; termination

 Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change these Terms at any timewithout notice. The most recent modification date is shown at the end of thisdocument next to “Last updated”. Use of the Website after anymodification implies acceptance of the modified Terms.

In its sole discretion, Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia may delete, change, modify, suspend, enhance ordiscontinue any aspect of its Website, temporarily or permanently, includingthe availability of any function of the Website or access to any part of theWebsite, in any time, with or without notice. You acknowledge that Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia is not liable to you or any third party for anymodification, suspension or interruption of the Website.

4. Privacy

For information onprivacy management practices, please read the Privacy Policy of Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia. It is an integral part of these Terms. Use ofthe Website implies acceptance of the Privacy Policy of Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia.

5. Property rights and licensing

 The contents of the Website (except those indicated in thefollowing point 6.) – including data, news, information, images, graphics,drawings, trademarks and domain names – are the property of Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia, and unless otherwise indicated , covered bycopyright and by the legislation on industrial and intellectual property. Youare not granted any license or right of use and therefore you are not allowedto record such content – in whole or in part – on any type of media, reproduce,copy, advertise and use them for commercial purposes without prior writtenauthorization of Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia, save the possibility of makinga copy for personal use only.

7. Guarantees

Although all the contents of the Website of Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia are based on updated information at the time ofpublication and Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia undertakes to ensure thecorrectness of all content on the Website, Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the Website and declinestherefore any responsibility for the correctness of its contents. All contentsof the Website are available “as is”, without any kind of explicit orimplicit guarantee. Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia can not guarantee that anymaterial taken from the Website and used is free of viruses, worms, and any otherelement of destructive nature. Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia can in no case beheld responsible for any direct or indirect damage related to the use of theWebsite, including the loss of programs or data located on your computersystem. As a user of the information or materials contained in this Website,you therefore assume, on an exclusive basis, the total and unconditionalresponsibility for any losses, costs and damages, direct and / or indirect ofany nature and entity that may derive from the use of this site.

8. Applications, links and third-party content

The Website includes links or direct links to other websites,content or resources made available by third parties. For example, the Websitemay provide direct links to customers or social networking services. Recognizethat Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia does not exercise any control over suchapplications, websites, content and resources of third parties, made availableby companies or persons other than Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia Recognize andaccept that Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia is not responsible for theavailability of any application, website, content or third-party resource. Youalso acknowledge that Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia is not responsible to youfor loss or damage you may suffer as a result of such applications, websites,content or third-party resources.

9. Use of the forms and the chat of the Website

The Website includes questionnaire forms and a chat system that are functional to gather information of various kinds and to interact with its customers and users. When you decide to use them, you commit to:

• not to upload, publish or otherwise transmit any viruses or other malicious, malicious or destructive files;

• not to send content that is false and / or defamatory, inaccurate, offensive, vulgar, inciting to hatred, harassing, obscene, blasphemous, pornographic, threatening, or otherwise violating any law;

• do not send any copyrighted material except you own the copyright.

You agree not to treat as confidential or personal property any information you transmit to the Website for any purpose, excluding, of course, data subject to the Privacy Policy.

You also accept thatany ideas, concepts, techniques, procedures, methods, systems, projects, etc.,possibly transmitted to the website, may be used by Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia in any place, at any time and for any purpose.

10. Creation of hypertext links to the Website

 The creation of hypertext links to theWebsite may be made only with the prior written consent of Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia The linked sites (links), if any, are notcontrolled by Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia which, therefore, can not be heldresponsible for any reason, for any reason or title, of the content of saidlinked sites or of the linking addresses. The link does not result in anyadhesion by Studio Legale Orazi e Cicerchia to the linked sites.

12.Competent court

For any controversy concerning the interpretation and application of these terms of use of the Website, or the use of the Website by you, the Court will be competent in the exclusive way ______________________________ (__).