Barbara Cicerchia

Graduation in Law at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome


After forensic practice she worked as a lawyer in Higher and Continuing Education at the Regione Lazio. Design, management and reporting of continuous and higher training courses, financed with community funds.


Later she became the lawyer of an important company managing contracts and tenders at national level. In addition to the legal sector, he becomes the Head of Corporate Quality and the renewal and maintenance of SOA certifications as well as of the tenders office.


With the skills acquired in contracts and a lot more, in 2007 she decided to open the law firm in the heart of the historic center of Genzano di Roma.

Specialization sectors:

Civil and Family Law / Labor Law / Administrative Law / International Business Law / Contracts and Retail

Business Lawyer
Umberto Orazi

Graduation in in Law dealing with International Business Lawyer and specialization in International Law at the Lum Jean Monnet University of Bari.


Procurator of importer company operating in public procurement and telephony, responsible for the management of company contracts, engaged in the resolution of any problem related to business management. Responsible and referent at the institutions of important Public Procurement.


With the qualification of business lawyer, Umberto Orazi offers his clients all his skills in the field of contracts, management of corporate crises, management of debtor positions towards the revenue agency, management of relations with banks.


With his arrival, our Law Firm has been expanding its boundaries by offering the best skills to those customers who intend to reach the international market.
In-depth and specific knowledge of the market and of the tax and financial regulations of the Albanian state. Contact person of the Tirana office.

L o Orazi and Cicerchia Law Firm started its activity in 2007 with the aim of consolidating and integrating the founders’ professional experiences and meeting its Customers’ needs.

The sharing of working methods and the complementarity of the professionalism within the firm respond to the need to offer a complete and highly specialized service.

Orazi & Cicerchia Law Firm deals with legal advice and judicial assistance in specific areas of civil law such as retail contracts for large chains, management of corporate crises, internationalization, administrative law and family law.

Our Law Firm is located in Genzano di Roma, Corso Don Minzoni, 11 since 2007, where it soon became a landmark for legal disputes all over Italy. Lawyer Barbara Cicerchia operates in all branches of Civil Law and coordinates judicial activities, Business Lawyer Umberto Orazi is specialized as International Lawyer and had past working experiences in contract and business matters: their partnership guarantees valid services concerning International Law.

The lawyers of our Firm have particular expertise in financial and economic matters, acquired by assisting italian and foreign companies operating on the international market. Our legal team has specific skills in banking law, company law, bankruptcy and tax law, as well as on private and public contracts.

Lawyer Barbara Cicerchia takes particular care of the application of Family Law every time she can combine legitimate economic interests with unavoidable protection of minor subjects.

Our values

At the base of the work of the owners of Orazi & Cicerchia Law Firm is the need to support people in difficulty, so that each of them has their rights recognized. The recognition of rights and the protection of the weaker are the missions that sum up the lifestyle of this Law Firm’s staff. In the approach to the client, the lawyers focus on clarity and honesty by highlighting alla aspect of the story, whether positive or negative, considering the real times of justice.
For our Firm, listening to the Customers is the first step towards awareness and success. The lawyers are available to consider each case, in order to quickly evaluate the road to be taken. Our Law Firm usually offers business consultancy directly on site.